Freedom of Religion Act

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The Freedom of Religion Act is a Liberalian Law.

It was amended on the 25 September 2006

[edit] The Bill


This act recognises the need for freedom of religion in Liberalia and is concerned by the lack of such basic freedoms.

This act will preserve the freedom of religion and will overrule any bills passed at a national level to try to influence or suppress religions of any kind. However, we recognise that some religious practices are both abhorrent to normal human beings and infringe on the human rights of others.

This act sets out to resolve the issue of religion and the rights of the Liberalia populace to worship whichever God or Gods or other higher being(s) that they wish.

Clause 1: Governments must not forbid the worship of any religion, although they are entitled to pursue policies to reduce militant factions within fanatical religious sects. Goverments of a strictly secular nature must, although not allowing public worship, not in any way interfere with the right of its citizens to private worship.

Clause 2: All religions have the right of places to worship but they must apply to the national government for permission to build said place of worship. People will be free to practice whatever religion they want at home as long as it is in accordance with Clause 4).

Clause 3: Customs of all religions (especially the religion of the majority) will be honoured and people will be able to take unpaid leave off on religious festivals, regardless of other circumstances should their normal leave allowance not be enough to cover such leave.

Clause 4: No human sacrificial acts, sexual or demonic or other such "anti-social" types of religion will be allowed and any religious people who practice such "rites" will be imprisoned for a term of 2 years. They will not be guilty of following their religion but instead of following practices which are deemed against "civil" behaviour. Animal sacrifices will be allowed but this will be left to the discretion of the nation in which it takes place.

Clause 5: All hate crimes towards members of any religions will be seen as major crimes and such people may be fined heavily for such discrimination.

Clause 6: We will, however, not allow the religious community to try and impose its views on certain issues on the general public.

Clause 7: On days of religious importance, the religious community will not be denied the right to whatever celebrations they please as long as they do not infringe upon the rights of others.

Clause 8: Religious minorities have to respect traditions of the culture in which they live and the government will ensure that religious minorities know the values of the culture in which they are living.

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